Women networks

Networking as a tool for empowerment has been one of HIRDA’s focal areas. HIRDA believes that networking is a prerequisite for strengthening women organizations and the position of women in the Somali society. For many years, HIRDA has empowered and trained various women networks enabling them to be effective, accurate and coherent as activists, specifically addressing FGM. By strengthening women networks in east Africa we enable them to lobby and advocate more effectively for change in the FGM policy on a political level.z7.png

Together with our partners, we arrange network meetings where women can exchange ideas on FGM and the women organizations can share experiences from projects they took part in, enabling them to learn from each other’s tools and approaches. More importantly, recognizing that a change of attitude towards FGM on a local level is not enough, these network meetings serve as platforms for lobby and advocacy activities where we stimulate the women to cooperate and create a stronger voice on both the local level as well as the political level. In this way, we support the women to become more independent and improve their position in society.

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