TBA (Ambassadors)

In Somalia, female circumcision is widely spread and more than 90% of the women have undergone this malpractice. The TBA project persuades women circumcisers to change their profession from circumcisers to Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA). By creating an alternative profession for women circumcisers HIRDA reduces the financial need for the women to continue their profession.z5.png

From 2008 until 2011 HIRDA succeeded in persuading 40 prominent women circumcisers in Abud-wak to become TBAs and leave their profession as circumciser. Several TBAs are employed in HIRDA’s Mother Child Healthcare centers where they assist the operating nurses in the day-to-day activities and manage the delivery rooms. With the increase of available TBAs in different regions, communities have a health work force with better skills in health promotion, management of childhood illness, pregnancy, first aid etc. For the coming five years, we are aiming to train 10 women annually and recruit them as ambassadors for the FGM campaign so that they will play an important role in advocating against female circumcision.

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