HIRDA and its five year campaign against FGM

For the last 5 years HIRDA has carried out an awareness campaign against FGM with support of Oxfam Novib and HIVOS. The awareness campaign was intended to remove the taboo of FGM. In 2006 HIRDA started addressing FGM by openly talking about the practice. HIRDA initiated workshops to raise awareness on the negative consequences of FGM targeting both men and women. In addition, HIRDA has been active in talking to community leaders and Islamic scholars, recognizing that if they are supporting our campaign, they can exert a lot of influence on the community.

Also teachers have had a primary focus in our campaign who we stimulated to take the lead in discouraging FGM at their schools. In addition, we recruited and trained prominent women circumciser as Traditional Birth Attendants and offered an alternative job provided that they stop circumcising girls. Finally, we tried to break the taboo of FGM by spreading posters and discouraging FGM practice in public places in schools, hospitals, and HIRDA’s Women Empowerment Centres.

Recently, HIRDA found that the taboo of FGM has been broken and people start to be more open about the issue. However, we recognize that FGM remains an urgent matter which needs to be addressed through an aggressive awareness campaign. This is exactly what we have done in the past years and will continue and expand in the coming five years. Through this forum we would like to update you on the progresses we are making, our experiences and the stories we are told; we believe in a world without FGM and hope you will follow us and support us in this campaign.

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