Expanding the horizon of our campaign against FGM.

The last five years HIRDA has strived for a change in the Somali attitude towards Female Genital Mutilation. About 98% of the Somali women undergo this procedure which has affected the health of many. Since 2011 we have intensified this campaign and in 2012 we aim to reach a widespread region through expanding our awareness raising workshops, trainings and reach more people through using the Somali media.z8.png

With Proud of me we will expand the campaign and reach out to every local community and try to influence their attitude towards FGM. Although FGM is a practice that is rooted deeply in cultural beliefs and practices, in every part of the country there is a grassroots movement (although on a small scale) to modify, modernize, adjust and even stop the belief system that FGM is rooted in. HIRDA seeks to support communities in their efforts to stop the practice and to improve the care for those who have undergone FGM.

Through the use of different media, lobbying on a political level for law changes of FGM and actual implementation of these laws, and through diverting Traditional Female Circumcisers to other livelihood alternatives HIRDA hopes to achieve an international attitudinal change about FGM, with the ultimate goal to ban the practice.

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