Somali women widely celebrate International Women’s Day

Last Thursday, 8 March, was international women’s day. Although HIRDA did not celebrate this day in the Netherlands, it did support several partners in Somalia enabling them to commemorate this day. With thematic discussions, women organisations throughout Somalia came together discussing issues concerning them.

In Mogadishu several women organisations came together and discussed equal opportunities for boys and girls in the field of education and their position in society. In Abudwak women also discussed this issue, adding to the discussion the important role of women in peace building. In Beledhawo, women talked about peace and reconciliation and their role in peace building in Somalia. In addition, they discussed the ever-recurring issue of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Also in Burao, Somaliland, women came together and discussed political participation and girls education, focussing on increased participation in both areas. Through interviews on local television, the women were able to expand on their position and ideas.

HIRDA used International Women’s Day for the introduction of the campaign ‘Proud of me’ in Somalia. What was last year referred to as the Stop FGM campaign has now gained a more positive note. Considering FGM is viewed as feminine in the Somali culture, the campaign carries out an important message to the Somali women; women (and girls) can be proud of themselves, even if they are not circumcised. This way, HIRDA aims to give a new boost to the campaign in Somalia.
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