Proud of me

Somalia is one of the places in the world where women undergo the most barbaric form of mutilation; namely, Female Genital Mulitation (FGM), often referred to as “female circumcision”. Up to 98% of the women in Somalia have undergone FGM. The FGM procedure is extremely painful, especially since anaesthesia is not used. In rural locations the procedure is usually performed in un-sterile conditions with the use of a knife, razor or broken glass. Between 100 to 140 million girls and women worldwide are living with the consequences of FGM.

As a leading Somali Diaspora organization that fights poverty and inequality in Somalia by empowering women and girls, HIRDA has made reducing female circumcision one of its top priorities. HIRDA’s network and operations are particularly strong in Somalia where it is currently very difficult and dangerous for larger international NGO’s to work. HIRDA works directly with women and communities, empowering them with resources and information while protecting them from human rights violations.

The aim of the campaign Proud of Me is to bring about a reduction in the currently widespread practice of the extensive genital cutting of girls and young women. The ambition is the eventual eradication of this practice in Somalia and in the Somali migrant community.

Click here to find a statement opposing female circumcision. Click here to find the statement in Somali. 

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